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About Vedix Wellness

Even though modern medical science play a very important role in treating the disease as a part of sickness industry, the high incidence of lifestyle diseases worry the health care professionals and even governments.

There lies the importance of Ayurveda - our hereditary time tested medical system for centuries which is considered to be the most prominent prevention process for lifestyle disorders compared to all other medical systems.

The relevance of Ayurveda is even more raised when the modern medical science admit that the prevention is smarter than cure.

Welcome to Vedix Ayurveda - the 1st lifestyle consultation clinic in Pathanamthitta which converges the wellness principle of modern medical science and ancient ayurvedic wisdom ensuring prevention and cure. Vedix is a one-stop solution for prevention and treatment for all lifestyle diseases. We treat patients as health clients and support them to lead a long healthy and happy life (Ayuss) by providing 4 basic wellness factors like Ayurveda nutrition / Wellness workout / Vibrant mental energy / Ayurvedic rejuvenation. Our different Ayurveda wellness programmes are designed to suit your lifestyle and current health condition.

Vedix Wellness

Our Leading Philosophies

Life ( ayu ) is the combination ( samyoga ) of body, sense, mind and reincarnating soul, Ayurveda is the most sacred science of life, beneficial to humans both in this world and the world beyond

Our Mission

Vedix Ayurveda Wellness is promisingly establishing Ayurveda as an excellent way to enhance the positivity and well being of an individual. Our Mission is empowering individuals and transforming their lives through natural ayurvedic treatments

Our Vision

Ou focus is for each person to have access to means to be healthy. To provide in-depth ayurvedic treatment of the finest quality and we encourage them to embrace their individuality through Ayurveda

Our Quality

We uphold the principles and values of Ayurveda, the Vedic life of Science and combine with modern medicine inorder to provide comfort and relief to the suffering